Baby Shower Treats!

Last week my oldest sister and i threw our sister Erin a baby shower, She’s due end of march with a girl and i cannot wait to meet the first baby of the family and be a first time auntie! My oldest sister Heidi is extremely creative and came up with a “vintage school” theme, lots of Dick and Jane pictures, great decor and some good food. I was (as per usual) in charge of desserts.. i always get excited when picking a new dessert to make for a bunch of people. i like to hear peoples opinions and to try something new as well! I decided to make these cupcakes from yourcupofcake. They are a Lemon Raspberry cream cupcake, a lemon cupcake with a raspberry cream cheese buttercream.

The cakes were fairly easy to make, it uses a lemon cake mix and a lemon pudding mix as well which is easy and they were light and fluffy but had a great lemon flavor. I used pink polka dot cupcake liners. The raspberry cream cheese buttercream was DELISH! It uses a seedless raspberry jelly for the raspberry flavor. I piped it on, i recently bought an Ateco piping bag and two tips and i am practicing my skills. The cupcakes turned out adorable and Heidi made some great toppers for them!

The baby shower was a great time! The new baby got some awesome stuff and will be spoiled rotten!

Following photos taken by my sister Heidi, Heidi Williams Photography

Cupcakes with toppers “L is for Lucy” (baby’s name)

The table setting..

All the ladies…

Here is the guest of honor, my sister Erin, who looks great!

The other dessert i made was a “take home treat” Since it was a “school” theme i thought it would be a great idea if everyone went home with a nice big chocolate chip cookie! I think it’s safe to say through pinterest i found the most AMAZING chocolate chip cookie recipe that makes you totally re-think cookie baking. This recipe has a few changes to the a normal chocolate chip cookie recipe..

1. Mixing crisco and butter

2. Adding the chocolate chips before you add the dry ingredients

3. Only mixing the dry ingredients until you just barely see no more white, the trick is to mix it the LEAST amount of time once the dry ingredients are in

4. Roll the cookie dough into balls and refrigerate for at least a half hour

5. Bake on the second highest rack

6. Let the cookies cool on the pan for 2 minutes then remove them from the pan

7. Also making sure you preheat your oven for a good long time because ovens take longer than they say to heat up to the exact temperature.

Here is the recipe: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

The recipe also discusses weighing your ingredients instead of only using measuring cups, which makes a lot sense with the way you can really pack your ingredients into a measuring cup. When i first made these i was in LOVE. So i knew i had to make them for the baby shower.

Heidi picked up some paper “CD cases” from the store, a great way to display the cookies to take home. The cookies needed to be a larger size to fit in the cases but luckily this blog provides tips for making bigger ones as well! They took forever to bake since you can only fit 6 at a time on a pan but they came out GREAT and was well worth the time it took.

My kitchen counter after making about 40 large chocolate chip cookies..

The adorable “take home treat”..

I was so happy to be able to provide delicious treats at my sister’s baby shower, but more importantly am so excited to meet my new niece in a little over a month!



5 responses to “Baby Shower Treats!

  1. Erin

    Those cookies were SO good!

  2. Mom

    We loved the cookies and cupcakes!

  3. Kia

    Thanks for sharing! The shower treats and decor looked great! I will definitely be trying the cookie recipe soon…as our roommate keeps buying chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe’s. He needs to try them homemade. )

  4. Erin

    I love the new blog design. Cute! Could you please make a banana cake and then blog about it? and then send the cake to your sister?

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