Elmo Cupcakes

I was so excited recently to make cupcakes for my best friends’ son Landon! He turned 2 this February and is growing up so fast!

His #1 love is Elmo so after doing some research on pinterest i found the best way to create the perfect Elmo cupcake. My favorite blog for cupcake recipes is yourcupofcake, she does some recipes from scratch and some are from box cake mixes with added ingredients.. All the cupcakes have come out superb and i am constantly looking at different cupcakes to make. For these cupcakes, i wanted to do something kid friendly and delicious. I chose the Chocolate Chip Cupcakes recipe but i used semi-sweet chips instead of dark chocolate. This recipe is from scratch and the cupcakes are extremely moist! I also used the cream cheese buttercream frosting as listed with the recipe but added red food coloring for the perfect “elmo” color.

i used an oreo cookie cut in half for the mouth, a gobstopper candy for the nose and cut a marshmallow in half for the eyes.. I used black decorating icing for the eyes, which was tricky because the icing did not want to stick to the marshmallow but with the use of a small dab of water the icing stuck to the marshmallow much better!

The cupcakes were a big hit and the birthday boy approved! it was all over his face by the end!

Happy Birthday Landon!




One response to “Elmo Cupcakes

  1. Traci

    Yummy! These cupcakes were the hit of the party and soo adorable!

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